Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Allah Bless U ;)

assalamualaikum ..  :D
Peace be upon to all of you. Yes, you !

It's been awhile since I updated my blog. hew. hew. hew.
I feel so bored this year holiday. Do you have the same feeling? For me, last year was so interesting. maybe because I have many friend to text, or chat in Facebook and i have my sister to joke around.
This year,'s seems different to me.  Yes, I still have friends to text and chat on Facebook. The amount of my friends also increases, because junior student added me. Sometimes I felt annoyed with some junior attitude who were very, very, very annoying ! Am I to cruel? They ask me this and that. Urggh ! If I didn't have mood on that time, I wouldn't reply at all their message. And my sister also has going abroad went to Egypt continuing her studies in Al-Azhar, cairo.
Time moves smoothly..
Next year.. only 26 days more..
Good Bye 2012.. you leave me with so many sweet and bitter memory for me to remember..

By the way, this year i become a fully housewife.. LOL
I'm not married yet.. haha
okay, correction, housegirl :)
I've cook for my brother and I. Only two of us in this house. Spinach, spinach,spinach.
Will we be the next Popeye ? hihi
everyday I only cook vegetables although we are not vegetarian. teehee :D
Last week I fried chicken, fish, nugget, sausage.
so this week we only eat vegetable :)
makanan seimbang kan :p

That's all for today entry ..
May Allah Bless U ..

I am falling in love with a person who make me falling in love with ALLAH.. Thanks to you!

okay, I dah start merepek =.=
apa2 pun, tahun depan giliran saya pula yang SPM, ohmaii! !

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