Sunday, June 17, 2012

sanah helwa !

assalamualaikum ..
today is.. my exciting moment in my entire life  ..
hmm.. really?
cause today is my birthday !

yeah.. last night, my family and I went to Sala Thai( restaurant name!)
I'm wearing shawl for second time!! bhahaha
The shawl was given by someone .. and her name is Ika..
it's colour Green !! I love It ! Thanks ..

I was texting with my friend.. and the first person wish me is  ..
lalala.. no need to know !
He/ she wish me on 0000 .. after read the wish, I fall asleep.

this morning, I am the first person among my family to wake up..
after Subuh pray, we went to perdana park to jog and exercise..

we're wearing T-shirt and tracksuit and also sportshoes..
my umi bring us to wisma muis to buy her favourite ice blended..
but, it closed!!

so.. we wnt to Tamma.. buy shawls, and muslimah shirt..
I saw black colour jubah for men.. it made me remember someone on my school.. he wore it before.. teehee ..
after that, my umi said let's go to Segama !
buy some jubah.. OMG..
My lil brother said that if he know early, he wore jeans.. haha
so.. we went for shopping..

when we reached home..
I'll start thinking about Hostel!!
I want to thanks for everyone who already wish me.. I'll appreciate it.. Thank You very much..

ok.. that's all..
have a Nice day..

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