Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm Home ...

Assalamualaikum .. Peace be upon to you, readers !
hihi.. nahh...
Tomorrow !! tomorrow !!
Is my birthday !!!

Jeng jeng jeng . . . . .

I'm home !!! although it can't !
so what.. do I care? hahahaha

I just thought that I want to celebrate my birthday with my friends at school !
but.. but..
my father a.k.a the principle brought me home..
so , here I am !
I'm HOME !!!

the conclusion is...
I celebrate my birthday with my beloved family.. Fam I Love You
nGee ~

My friends said that they want to set up a birthday party for me..
but, all the foods .. I bring it by myself.. LOL
because they all live at hostel.. so..

I will start updating my blog using English.. but, not ALL ..
i want to improve my English vocabulary ..
Oh My Engish  !

That's All .. Thank you !

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