Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sport and Health Campaign

Hi everyone ! I hope you are in the pink of health .

Do you like sport?

Ermm .. Orite ! Let me tell you about sport and health.


         Sport is the best way for us as human being in maintaining our fitness especially for those who are always want to be in the pink of health. This is because sports can improve the stamina by controlling the weight, help build healthy bones and muscles, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as reduce stress. Apart from that, sports also allow us to develop our additional skills since different sports have their particular disciplines. This is a golden opportunity for us if we pursue in any sports since them enable us in attaining extra skills as well as enhance our quality which promoting us to be a versatile person.

          Usually, people like this will get a lot benefits . Although with the sports awareness campaign should be expanded to help and nurture people who adopt a healthy lifestyle so that a continuous and daily routine practice in everyday their life. Awareness campaign can also be done in schools, universities and other places. In fact, an awareness campaign can be done with two strategies, sports for all and sport for excellence to produce a balanced and harmonious intellectually,spiritually,emotionally and physically. As such the awareness campaign can create a healthy culture in the community,school and university students as well as be easy to learn, to achieve excellence in academics. This is because, there was a sharp mind in a healthy body. Nowadays, it is acknowledges that sports professionals earn huge salaries that exceed other respected professionals by far. At this point, the percentage at Malaysia who are active in sports is still low at around 40 percent compared with 50 to 60 percent in developed countries.


  • Sports make us strong and healthy.
  • Sports can build our positive character.
  • Sports can helps to fight depressiona and feeling of fear.


  • To prevent the disease kronuk including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypetension, obesity, and osteoporosis.
  • Physical activity can prevent hip fractures bone in women and reduce osteoporosis.
  • A significant contribution to the welfare of people in developing countries and is also a treatment for infectious diesease. 


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